The MaxLiving Podcast

Episode 25 - Achieving True Health Comes from Within

The MaxLiving Podcast
Episode 25 - Achieving True Health Comes from Within

Achieving True Health Comes from Within

Have you ever realized that your body does the right thing at the right time? In this week’s episode of The MaxLiving Podcast, Dr. Nick Wilson and Dr. Traci Gross talk about how achieving true health comes from within.

You may wonder why different people have different reactions to viruses. Dr. Nick explains that this is because “your immune system is designed to react,” and “can get built up over time to get strong and healthy.” The fact of the matter is, what you do to your body matters. Our doctors believe that through the 5 Essentials® – Core Chiropractic, Nutrition, Mindset, Oxygen & Exercise, and Minimizing Toxins, you can give your body the support it needs to function at its full potential.

It’s important to be aware that your everyday actions affect your body either positively or negatively. Dr. Traci says that one of the most harmful things we consume on an everyday basis without even realizing it is sugar. Sugar is not just in candy, cookies, or soda, but in grains such as rice and pasta as well. So many people eat grains multiple times a day but don’t use the glycogen stores for energy, causing them to gain weight.

Learn about how sugar affects your immune system:

In order to stop this vicious cycle of gaining weight, try intermittent fasting. This is when you only eat for 8 hours a day and fast for the remaining 16 hours. The easiest way to do this is to skip breakfast and wait until lunch to start eating. Since your body is so used to doing the same things over and over again, intermittent fasting will give your body the ability to adapt to change. By giving your body a change, it will be able to do the right thing at the right time.

Read more about intermittent fasting here:

Dr. Traci says that “your body’s ability to be healthy and live is solely dependent on how well your body adapts to your environment.” If we can’t adapt, our health will go down the drain, therefore we have to give our body the tools it needs in order to thrive.

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