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Episode 20 – The Importance of Gut Health Part 3

The MaxLiving Podcast
Episode 20 – The Importance of Gut Health Part 3

The Importance of Gut Health Part 3

To finish up our gut health series with guest, Dr. Phil Harris, this week’s informative episode focuses on how to heal the gut, an explanation of leaky gut, and where inflammation of the gut comes from.

A lot of people take medicine to cover up symptoms if they have gut issues – but that isn’t the answer. Dr. Nick says that in order to heal the gut we have to identify the problem, address the interference, and restore vitality within the body. By following these steps, you’ll be able to function at your maximum potential.

Dr. Phil explains that “leaky gut is a perforation of the tissue there that allows fluid to pass through in areas it shouldn’t be going.” Due to the fact that our body isn’t made to accommodate that extra fluid, problems including indigestion and bloating can arise, along with a variety of other health issues. Leaky gut is caused by inflammation, and unhealthy eating, which can trigger autoimmune responses because of the protein molecules.

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This inflammation that causes leaky gut is oftentimes caused by gluten as a result of the pesticides and sprays that we put on our grains in the US. Dr. Phil says that gluten in other countries like Europe isn’t as damaging to the gut because it doesn’t contain these harmful pesticides. Interestingly enough, the pesticides we spray our grains with are illegal in other countries because of how harmful they can be. In order to reduce this inflammation, Dr. Phil stresses the need for more alkaline in our diet. Alkaline can be found in foods like spinach, beets, figs, and more.

Dr. Nick says we need to avoid food by science, or “food by man because it’s been altered from its most natural state.” He explains that it’s good when people get headaches from smelling certain perfumes because your body is warning you of these toxic chemicals.

It’s problematic because people who have a strong stomach and don’t normally have gut pain, don’t realize that just because they have a lack of symptoms, doesn’t mean they are well. It’s scary because a lot of times when that person does start eating healthy, it causes their stomach to hurt because their dysbiosis (or gut balance) is off.

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