Episode 4 - Health Care or Sick Care?

Episode 4 March 30, 2021 00:22:15
Episode 4 - Health Care or Sick Care?
The MaxLiving Podcast
Episode 4 - Health Care or Sick Care?

Show Notes

It’s easy to talk about weight loss, healthy eating, and reducing toxins. It’s more difficult to discuss something as intangible as a mindset or philosophy. However, your health philosophy is the most important aspect of health for you and your family.

Your health philosophy is what drives every decision you make, from your diet to your sleep patterns. If you have a poor health philosophy or lack a grounded philosophy at all, it can hurt you and your family through what you are eating, the toxins you are coming into contact with, the level of physical activity you are or are not participating in, and even how you prioritize your mental wellbeing.

Health philosophy may be an intangible concept, but it is the single most important factor in establishing whether or not you will be successful in your pursuit of health. It is what will drive you to exercise daily, get preventative care from your chiropractor, and stick to healthy eating habits. Or, it is what will lead you to say a chronic symptom is “not that bad” until it becomes a legitimate health concern.

The difference between true healthcare and what we like to call “sick care” is all dependent on your personal health philosophy. If you are dedicated to preserving health, you are pursuing healthcare. If you are complacent in treating illness as it appears and negatively affects you, you are reactively turning to care to treat an already present sickness––in other words, sick care.

To truly be healthy, you have to establish your health philosophy before a health crisis strikes, because by the time you are facing a severe illness or chronic condition, you have already strayed away from seeking healthcare for far too long.

However, no matter where you are in your health journey, you have the potential to change your philosophy. If you are experiencing a chronic symptom like headaches or back pain and your response is to minimize it and say “it’s not that bad,” now is the time to reverse your thinking. Why should you live with not that bad?

As Dr. Nick points out, compared to other industrialized countries, we are 13th out of 13 countries studied when it comes to several essential aspects of health. We have the lowest infant birth weight, the highest infant mortality rate, and the highest rate of ‘lifestyle diseases’ like diabetes and heart disease depleting our quality of life.

Dr. Nick and Dr. Traci discuss where these upsetting statistics come from in our nation’s health philosophy, and how we can start reorienting ourselves to seek true health before we are affected by sickness.

At the core of this change is your ability to claim advocacy over your health. As Dr. Traci says, “you have a choice. It’s your body, and you choose what to do with it.”
With the help of this podcast and the resources of MaxLiving, you can begin making informed choices to take care of your body in new, natural ways.

After all, our bodies have an innate intelligence that allows our heart to beat, our lungs to transmit oxygen to our blood, our cells to fight disease, and our skin to heal, all without any external intervention or conscious thought from us. In other words, our body has the innate power to heal, just by the nature of existing.

So why don’t we trust our bodies to keep us healthy? As Dr. Nick points out, “the greatest doctor in the world lives inside you.”

Now is the time to start trusting it!

Find out more about innate health and your body’s power to heal: https://maxliving.com/healthy-articles/what-is-innate-health/

Find out how to establish an effective health philosophy with the help of a MaxLiving chiropractor near you: https://maxliving.com/locations/

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