Episode 5 - Can Chiropractic Help My Condition?

Episode 5 April 06, 2021 00:17:07
Episode 5 - Can Chiropractic Help My Condition?
The MaxLiving Podcast
Episode 5 - Can Chiropractic Help My Condition?

Show Notes

Following our last podcast, in which we established the details of innate health and our body’s natural healing power, we continue the conversation of natural healing with Chiropractic.

Chiropractic is often oversimplified to “curing back pain.” Of course, that is something that Chiropractic may be able to do, but that is not the purpose of Chiropractic care. The true purpose of Chiropractic care is to enable natural healing in the body, treating any number of conditions you or your family may be struggling with.

With that in mind, this week we are asking: what can Chiropractic do for you?

Beyond back pain, some basic areas that Chiropractic has consistently been known to improve include neck pain, headaches, migraines, and trouble sleeping.

Chiropractic may be able to go even further than this though.


Because Chiropractic is all about enabling your body to function at 100%, which means helping your body live to its fullest potential!

Your body doesn’t just heal from cuts and bruises. Every part of your body is constantly communicating, growing, and regenerating, from your head to your toes, inside and out. As Dr. Nick said last week, the greatest doctor in the world is inside your body. This week, we are telling you how to unlock that potential.

It may sound counterintuitive at first, but a chiropractor’s job isn’t to make you heal. Though this may sound strange, it is essential to open your mind to a new way of thinking. If you have been struggling with health conditions, trying every conventional method to treat them to no avail, it may mean that you need to adjust your perspective on health.

Healing isn’t something that we can do to the body. It is something that the body does for us. Our job is simply to enable it. Too often, we look at singular parts of the body or individual symptoms, but the one affects the whole, therefore you must treat the whole!

Treating a symptom can cover up the symptom, like a bandage over a cut. In Chiropractic, we don’t treat the symptoms. We respect the symptoms.

This means understanding that the symptom is a natural response triggered in the body to let you know that something is wrong. As Dr. Nick’s example in this episode goes, if you are exposed to e coli, your body’s natural reaction is to become feverish and nauseous. Our knee-jerk reaction may be to stifle these symptoms because they don’t feel good. However, the purpose of these symptoms is to help enable healing! Your fever is working to burn out the invader while throwing up could eject the e coli from your stomach. If you interrupt these symptoms, you may allow the thing that is making you sick to settle into the body.

In instances like this, our ‘health’ practices may actually get in the way of healing. As Dr. Nick says, “Get out of the way!”

Find out why cold and flu symptoms are actually good for you.

You may be able to do just that through Chiropractic. Getting over conditions like insomnia, chronic back pain, chronic migraines, IBS, hormone disruption, weight gain, and more may sound like a miracle to some, but to Chiropractors, it is simply the body returning to its natural state.

According to research, Chiropractic may help with a wide range of conditions because it works with the nervous system. One study found that chiropractic treatment may be able to help with virtually any condition, and there is no known ceiling to the benefits. In other words, you can continue improving your health indefinitely.

Understand the science of Chiropractic.

It may be hard to believe that one treatment can help with everything–and it doesn’t! Chiropractic isn’t what heals, the body is. Chiropractic is simply the avenue that allows the body to function at full capacity. When the body is functioning, it will heal.

Learn how to reach optimal health through Chiropractic.

The state of the spine tells us if there is damage in the nervous system, which could affect any number of things in your body. Chiropractic removes subluxation (misalignment) from the spine, which supports health and healing in the nervous system. Chiropractors don’t necessarily know where their treatment will take effect in the body, because that’s up to the body! They just help the body do what it was designed to do: heal.

Find out more about how Chiropractic may help you in this incredible episode of The MaxLiving Podcast.

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