Episode 3 - Cleansing or Detoxify

Episode 3 March 23, 2021 00:28:50
Episode 3 - Cleansing or Detoxify
The MaxLiving Podcast
Episode 3 - Cleansing or Detoxify

Show Notes

In this episode of The MaxLiving Podcast, Dr. Nick and Dr. Traci discuss detoxification and cleansing and expose the difference between the two.

Detoxification and cleansing have become common terms in recent years as we all begin to acknowledge the number of chemicals and toxins we come into contact with each and every day.

However, like supplements (as discussed last week!), not all detoxes and cleanses are created equal. Particularly when it comes to cleansing, which often includes sticking to a juice diet for a period of several days, you could end up doing more harm than good!

As Dr. Nick says, there is always a good intention of detoxifying your body when you partake in a juice cleanse, but there also needs to be intention and knowledge to be successful.

When you purchase juices, they may have lost a significant amount of their enzymatic activity and nutritional value between the time when they are manufactured to the time you are drinking them, and many juices don’t carry organic, clean ingredients to begin with!

Even if you create your juices at home, you could inadvertently be adding toxins to your body by using fruits and vegetables contaminated with fertilizers and pesticides. That’s just one of many reasons why organic, quality products are absolutely essential.

When you properly cleanse, the intention is to aid your body in the natural process of detoxification that it is already carrying out, loading up with vitamins and minerals that improve the process.

Find out more about how to go on a healthy juice cleanse: https://maxliving.com/healthy-articles/how-to-juice-cleanse/

Get a guide to juicing and juice cleanses: https://maxliving.com/healthy-articles/juice-cleanses/

Unlike cleansing, detoxification is about targeting specific toxins, such as heavy metals (like lead, for example), and binding them to help pull them out of the body. Detoxification often comes in the form of a supplement, such as our Detox System, which contains activated charcoal, which naturally absorbs substances, including harmful toxins, and helps your body extract them from your system.

Learn about the 3 key processes to natural detoxification: https://maxliving.com/healthy-articles/the-3-key-processes-to-natural-detox/

Dr. Nick and Dr. Traci stress the effectiveness of true, researched cleansing and detoxification, but only with the right intentions behind it.

In the middle of the ‘detox fad,’ many people have something driving them to try a cleanse or detox, whether it’s weight gain, high cholesterol, lethargy, or something else.

However, the worry with this is that we are simply looking to mute our symptoms rather than acknowledging the underlying issue. Think of it this way: if your check engine light came on in your car, would you simply cover it up with a piece of tape and continue driving?

Of course not!

So why then, do we do this with our bodies?

Our ‘check engine light’ is our symptom, whether it be weight gain, lacking energy, headaches, allergies or sensitivities, cholesterol, or any number of other conditions.

When taking on a cleanse or a detox process, we have to do it with the intention of truly healing, rather than placing a bandaid over the issues we are experiencing. Minimizing toxins, after all, starts with minimizing the number of toxins we come into contact within the first place. In order for you to effectively cleanse or detox, you have to start by committing to lifestyle changes that will help keep toxins out of your body once you have successfully filtered out existing toxins.

Find out more about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, minimize toxins, and carry out an effective cleanse or detoxification in this episode!

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Try Max Cleanse, natural support for your body’s detoxification processes: https://store.maxliving.com/products/max-cleanse

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