Episode 2 - Consuming Contaminants

Episode 2 March 16, 2021 00:41:07
Episode 2 - Consuming Contaminants
The MaxLiving Podcast
Episode 2 - Consuming Contaminants

Show Notes

This week on The MaxLiving Podcast, hosts Dr. Nick and Dr. Traci discuss consuming contaminants and toxicity in our food and how to avoid it. Do you know what’s really in the food you eat each day?

From the fertilizers and pesticides used on our produce to the packaging that our food is stored in, toxins threaten to enter our bodies at all angles. As Dr. Nick discusses, the labels on food are largely marketing, and as such cannot be trusted. “Natural does not mean organic,” as Dr. Nick says, and too often, food labels seek to mislead us with names that ‘sound’ healthy.

Even by reading the ingredients in your food, you may still be misled. Take MSG for example. MSG is a substance that may affect our neurons and is used to enhance flavors. It is commonly known that MSG is a common allergen and is likely an unhealthy additive, and the solution of many companies has been to call the ingredient by different names. Alternative names for MSG include ‘yeast extract,’ ‘yeast nutrient,’ ‘soy protein isolate,’ ‘natural flavoring,’ or simply ‘flavoring.’

Similarly, ‘sugar-free’ is a phrase that is commonly thought to mean “healthy,” when the truth might be quite the opposite. Dr. Traci discusses the dangers of sugar replacements such as aspartame, which has been connected to gut health problems, headaches, and even cancer.

As the Doctors discuss, we often do not realize that we are making poor decisions for our health or think that there is no way to avoid it. However, “our health should be our number one priority because it’s our number one asset,” (Dr. Nick), and “your health is always a choice,” (Dr. Traci).

Dr. Nick and Dr. Traci discuss ingredients and names to stay away from, such as ‘fortified,’ which often means altered in a plant or factory, which additives, texturizers, and the like being added. They offer tricks about the kinds of foods to indulge in, the kind to avoid, and how to create healthy eating habits. They cover food containers such as BPA and microplastics that could be contaminating our food and adding toxins to our system, and other ways that daily contact with toxins can occur without you even knowing it.

Dr. Nick also uses this episode as an opportunity to dive into supplementation. He discusses the way that nutrition levels in our food have dropped due to over-farming, and the subsequent need for supplementation. However, both doctors stress that not all supplements are created equal.

Tune in to this episode for details on how to tell good supplements from bad, organic, healthy food from toxic foods, and how to gauge your natural health each and every day.

Find out more about minimizing toxins in daily life:


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