Episode 1 - The Toxins in Your Everyday Life: Cleaners and Cosmetics

Episode 1 March 09, 2021 00:36:07
Episode 1 - The Toxins in Your Everyday Life: Cleaners and Cosmetics
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Episode 1 - The Toxins in Your Everyday Life: Cleaners and Cosmetics

Show Notes

Dr. Nick Wilson is joined by Dr. Traci Gross today as they dive into keeping you and your family healthy from the inside out and keep toxins away from your everyday life.

This episode focuses on Toxicity. What is it? Where does it come from? How do you prevent it?

Toxins are pervasive, existing in everything from the air we breathe and the food we eat to the cleaning and personal care products we use. According to one estimation, we may come into contact with as many as 2,100,000 toxins every day.

Why is this concerning? Because toxins, when introduced to the body, have been observed to cause everything from metabolic changes and endocrine (hormone) interferences to respiratory issues and certain types of cancer.

As Dr. Nick and Dr. Traci explain, we are often taught that our health is dependent on our genes, and therefore any health issues we face are based on heredity.

However, this podcast asks you to “exit the conventional” and explore alternative methods of understanding and promoting your health. Though we can pass on hereditary traits from one generation to the next, it is largely our lifestyle choices that decide which genes express themselves. That means even if your family is predisposed to heart disease or a type of cancer, you may be able to ‘turn off’ these genes with the right lifestyle choices.

One of the biggest ways to positively influence your health?

You guessed it: Minimizing Toxins.

When toxins are introduced to the body by being breathed in through the lungs, absorbed through the skin, or eaten, they are often stored in our fat cells. Our body is intelligent enough to recognize toxins as dangerous and therefore tries to encase them in fat cells to keep them from causing further damage. However, in the long run, this can still cause metabolic issues, weight gain, changes in hormones, and more. In fact, Dr. Nick cites that roughly 95% of all cancers may be attributed to the way we live.

Especially in the times, we are living in, where Lysol sales have increased 50% and ammonia-based cleaners are on the rise, toxins can become an unavoidable part of life. In fact, many people willingly introduce toxins to their bodies every day without even knowing it.

As Dr. Nick explains, we attempt to do something healthy by disinfecting our homes and our bodies, but in doing so, we may be ridding ourselves of germs today only to cause health concerns tomorrow. These sanitizers and harsh cleaning products may kill bacteria and viruses, but they also are made up of harsh chemicals that can interfere with hormones, metabolisms, respiratory systems, and more. In fact, some sanitizing products actually warn users to wash sanitized areas with water after using the product, because the chemicals used are known to be potentially harmful to humans.

Beyond sanitizers, Dr. Traci speaks to the other potential areas for toxin exposure, including our food, water, and in particular, the products we use.

According to Dr. Nick, 10,000+ chemicals are used in food processing, and Dr. Traci cites a source that says that our homes can be up to 100 times more toxic than outside air.
As she says, “We spend the most time in our home, and it’s 100 times more toxic” which poses a very real health concern to you and your family.

In this podcast, Dr. Nick and Dr. Traci help you recover control of your health, teaching you how to support your internal environment so that it can adapt to the toxic influences of your external environment.

Your body is made to adapt, but not as quickly as the world has changed to include such overwhelming numbers of man-made toxins.

The solution? Be smart with what you buy!

As Dr. Traci points out, you are 100% in control of the products you use, and with the advice in this podcast, you may be able to minimize toxin exposure from the products you use and detox your household as well as yourself.

Some products to stay away from including conventional cleaners like disinfectant wipes, harsh cleaning sprays, standard laundry detergents, and odorizers, all of which have been connected to creating resistant bacteria, endocrine (hormone) disorders, respiratory issues, and even fertility problems.

When it comes to personal care, foaming shampoos, and soaps, many makeup products (one study found that 96% of all makeup included in the research contained lead!), fragrant soaps, deodorants, perfumes, and scented wipes and lotions are all likely high in toxins.

It can be difficult to recognize which products are “good” and which are “bad” but Dr. Nick and Dr. Traci help you build some basic rules for telling which products to stay away from. They also offer an incredible resource: EWG.org, which catalogs the toxicity of thousands of products and helps you find healthy alternatives.

Tune in to this episode for more details on how toxicity could be impacting your health, and find out more about detoxification and healthy living in next week’s episode!

Learn more about how to Minimize Toxins at https://maxliving.com/tag/minimize-toxins/

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