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Episode 11 - Who Owns Your Health? (Part 1)

The MaxLiving Podcast
Episode 11 - Who Owns Your Health? (Part 1)

Who Owns Your Health?

In this episode of The MaxLiving Podcast, Dr. Nick and Dr. Traci discuss the question “who owns your health?” and how to take control of your health and wellness.

There are so many different opinions and so much different contradictory advice out there about what health means, and as a result, it can be hard to define what you believe health means. Is health the lack of symptoms? Is it managing symptoms with medications? Or is it something different?

In order to own your health, you have to get back to the very basics of what you believe health really means and make your choices based on that belief.

As Dr. Nick and Dr. Traci discuss, it can be easy to wave away wellness with a medication or a “quick fix,” but is that really what health means? Do you want to look outside of yourself for the solutions to health concerns? Or do you want your body to have the ability to regulate those health issues and heal without artificial aid?

Too often, our medications and treatments artificially change things like blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety, joint pain, and dozens of other health concerns. But does artificially changing the symptom really change what is going wrong in the body?

Dr. Traci and Dr. Nick argue in the name of real health over artificial health and warn against the surface-level perception of health that has become the standard for wellness today. As the developer of Chiropractic, B.J. Palmer said, “We get sick because of something inside going wrong! We get well because of something inside going right!”

In this episode, our hosts dive deep into what has formed our current perception of health and the practices that we partake in to monitor our health based on that perception. They ask: are we truly working to keep our bodies healthy? Or are our practices simply masking the problems our bodies face?

And, once you have decided what health truly means to you, Dr. Traci and Dr. Nick ask you who is in control of your health. Are you making decisions for yourself according to your own health beliefs? Or are you allowing outside influences to control the way you treat and care for your body?

Listen in to this hard-hitting episode to hear Dr. Nick and Dr. Traci break down the reality of our health systems and how we can take control of our own health and wellness.

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