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Episode 28 - Take Responsibility for Your Health Part 2

The MaxLiving Podcast
Episode 28 - Take Responsibility for Your Health Part 2

Take Responsibility for Your Health Part 2

This week’s episode is a continuation of last week’s episode about taking responsibility for your health.

If you haven’t heard part 1, listen here:

Why is it that when people get older, some get to live a healthy life and do whatever they want, while others struggle with health issues?

Dr. Nick says that the reason their lives are so different is that they took a different path to take care of themselves. He explains that it’s easy for people to take the easy way out and eat fast food, or sit on the couch, but it will make things harder for them in the long run. They’ll have health issues later in life because they didn’t put the effort in to take care of their health growing up.

Meanwhile, if people take care of themselves by eating nutritious food, finding underlying causes of their health conditions, and putting the time in to fix these issues with chiropractic care, life will be easier and much more fulfilling as they get older.

Dr. Traci explains that being a MaxLiving chiropractor is incredibly rewarding because she gets to help her patients live their best life through the 5 Essentials®. She emphasizes that the sooner you choose the harder path of taking responsibility for your health, the better your future will be.

At our clinics, we make it easy to take control of your health. We look at the spine first by taking x-rays to analyze if there is damage done to the nerves and then take a surface EMG to see where the nervous system is being challenged. This will give a baseline assessment to find the root of the problem in order to come up with a plan for how to fix it.

Learn more about what to expect when visiting a chiropractor here:

Dr. Nick tells a story of a patient who came in seeking nutritional advice but came out realizing that he needed to prioritize his nervous system instead. Since the nervous system controls everything in your body, taking nutraceuticals wouldn’t help his health because his body wasn’t functioning properly, to begin with. Once they got his underlying conditions under control, then they could worry about his nutrient absorption and toxicity levels.

“The one essential that you neglect is the one that kills you” (Dr. Nick). By prioritizing each of the 5 Essentials® (Core Chiropractic, Mindset, Nutrition, Oxygen & Exercise, and Minimizing Toxins), you can live your life to its fullest potential.

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